Spanish Program

JC Boynton

Kindergarten -2nd Grade
The primary Spanish curriculum is designed to foster student desire to speak Spanish.  It is a spiraling program where topics and vocabulary are learned and reviewed throughout the year.  New lessons build on prior lessons.  By the end of each grade students should be able to:

  • Kindergarten Objectives: greet each other, count to 20, describe objects by size and color, and identify family members
  • 1st Grade Objectives: express gratitude, show courtesy, identify body parts, express likes and dislikes, and describe physical characteristics
  • 2nd Grade Objectives: describe weather, express mood, talk about food, and read short selections

3rd – 5th Grade
Instruction shifts to include more grammar and writing, but focus remains on ability to communicate orally. 

  • 3rd Grade Objectives:  students will learn names of fruits and Spanish speaking countries where they are grown, identify rooms in a house and what is done in each room, respond to questions   Qué es?    Cúantos hay?
  • 4th Grade Objectives: students will express needs, likes and dislikes
  • 5th Grade Objectives: students will express ideas about professions and leisure activities

Middle School Spanish Program
The middle school program is designed to foster student’s ability to read, write and speak Spanish.  The program explores the language through thematic chapters that combine vocabulary, grammar and cultural elements.  Spiral learning continues through the middle school program; students strengthen ability to speak, read and write through activities that require use of learned concepts.


  • Develop and refine  ability to communicate in Spanish;
  • Increase and enhance knowledge of grammar in order to promote correct communication   strategies and patterns;
  • Present projects to class in Spanish;
  • Gain insights into English and Spanish cultural and linguistic similarities and differences;
  • Use Spanish as a stepping stone to understand other cultures.


About Dacia

Dacia Mirabelle is our new Spanish teacher as well as sixth and seventh grade Religion teacher. Dacia received her Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Southern Connecticut State University. She worked as a First grade teacher in the public schools for a few years. She has also worked as an Early Intervention teacher as well as a Reading Assistant. Dacia started taking classes this year to obtain her cross endorsement to teacher Spanish.