Alex Kennedy

The middle school Science curriculum is a challenging one. Grade 5 is introduced to Earth, Life and Physical Science. Grade 6 concentrates on studying the Earth and Space with emphasis on plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes, Astronomy and weather. Grade 7 studies Life Science. Students encounter the microscopic world, body systems, DNA and a wide variety of other areas. Grade 8 explores the world of Physical Science. They are introduced to Chemistry and chemical reactions, the periodic table, motion forces and energy. Emphasis is placed on hands- on learning in the forms of labs, projects and experiments.


Geography and Social Studies

The middle school Social Studies curriculum at St. Aedan- St. Brendan begins with an in depth study of ancient civilizations. It begins with ancient Mesopotamia and continues with Greece, Rome, Egypt, Asia, Africa and the middle ages. Students examine these ancient civilizations and there influence on the present day world.

Our seventh graders study world and American Geography. Students examine how geographical features influence culture. They will become familiar with different types of governments and economic systems. Emphasis is also placed on map reading skills.

American History comprises the eighth grade curriculum. The year begins with the major events in the early history of our nation including the French and Indian war, the American Revolution and the writing of the Constitution. The course will also examine our nation’s early expansion, the causes and effects of the Civil war, the industrialization of America, the two world wars, the Cold war and the war in Vietnam.



Don Hurley

We believe that all children come to school with an eagerness to learn. They should enjoy school and try to learn something new every day. Mathematics needs to be a  hands on, cooperative learning experience. The students need to see it, hear it, grasp it, and understand it in order to consistently progress. The new concepts build on previously taught material. In middle school, students focus on Pre - Algebra and Algebra so they have a good base of knowledge and are prepared for high school.

We also offer advanced Mathematics courses in grades six through eight to challenge those students whose mathematical ability allows them to take advantage of the worthwhile endeavor.


Language Arts

Donna McGrath

The Language Arts Curriculum is based on literature and language arts skills.  These skills include emphasis on written expression, correct usage, mechanics and oral language.

Literature includes reading various genres such as short stories, nonfiction pieces and poetry. Comprehension, literary analysis, and vocabulary development are areas stressed in the literature strand.