Grade Two

Sallie Roth

The CANH second grade curriculum promotes spiritual, intellectual, social and emotional growth through guided exploration and direct instruction.  The religious instruction emphasizes preparation for the students'  First Reconciliation and Holy Communion.  The Language Arts program focuses on student's increasing their fluency and comprehension of both fiction and non-fiction texts.  The curriculum emphasizes phonics, grammar, spelling and writing skills.  In mathematics, students learn addition and subtraction of one and two digit numbers, time, problem solving, measurement, money, and the introduction of fractions and geometry.

The Social Studies program helps students develop an understanding of government at both the state and federal levels.  Students learn the value of being a good citizen.  Through our Science program, students explore the different facets of the world.  This program covers areas such as matter, energy, weather, soil, nutrition, life cycles, mass and magnets.  The hands on activities allow students to have an understanding of our world.


About Beth

Beth Pacelli is our second grade teacher and new to our faculty.  She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Gordon College, as well as a Master’s degree in Elementary Reading and Mathematics from Walden University.  Beth began her career as a preschool teacher and has been teaching for over 14 years. 

Over the past six years, she worked at the middle school level in both Social Studies and Science, and most recently as a Response to Reading Intervention teacher.  Beth has also coached the North Branford High School Tennis team.