Grade Three

Cheryl Anastasio

The greatest emphasis in Grade three is that everyone tries to live their lives as Jesus asked us to live. In our daily religion studies students develop an appreciation of the scriptures and God’s inspired word, participate in the liturgical and sacramental life of the church and understand that we are part of a global community in which we share a responsibility for each other’s well being. Our math curriculum includes number theory, estimation, operations, measurement, geometry, algebra, graphing, statistics and probability. This includes math facts which are cumulative skills and must be consistently reinforced throughout the year to achieve mastery. The reading and language arts curriculum develops comprehension skills to increase ability to read a variety of texts for a broad range of purposes. Through our Voices Reading program students apply a wide range of comprehension strategies before, during and after reading to comprehend, interpret, evaluate and appreciate texts. The social studies program incorporates our school wide Character Education program, civics, economics, history, geography and mapping skills. In Science there are many opportunities for “hands on”  learning, coding, and  experiments.  Students are learning to complete work independently.  Students work at their own pace while there are daily small group activities, teacher lead, to allow for differentiation and to encourage appropriate social skills and polite manners while having discussions for both reading and math. This is balanced with Cooperative Learning Skills. Students work together in pairs or small groups to complete activities and projects.  They are using the project based STREAM program daily.