Grade Five

Sherri Criscuolo

The Fifth grade curriculum strives to emphasize the education of the whole child through inter-cooperative activities, differentiated learning and reaching all children through the multiple intelligences. As part of the daily religion curriculum the students develop a prayer life, an appreciation of the sacraments and learn about the celebration of the Eucharist. They are exposed to a variety of literature in developing their comprehension skills through our Voices Reading program while infusing the 6 pillars of Character education. Students practice different types of writing such as expository and narrative writing as well as following the rules of grammar. Intermediate math provides experiences in number concepts and computation and applying these to whole numbers, decimals, fractions and mixed numbers. Geometry and areas of algebra are also introduced. The social studies program is a comprehensive study of America democracy and interdependence of all people. Geography and history are fused together to foster an understanding of how our country began to where it is in the present.  Developing study skills as well as working independently are two strong work areas cultivated in the fifth grade classroom. 

STREAM is new and exciting for me and I look forward to working within this new paradigm.  The more the students are engaged in class, the more they are excited they are about learning.  That's the best thing about working with stream, the love of learning.

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